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Roberta cade in trappola

20 Sep 2017 / in

Roberta cade in trappola parla di relazioni. La nostra relazione con gli amici, con la loro assenza, con la memoria, col passato e con quello che del passato rimane. Parte dall’autobiografia ed è la tredicesima parte di quel viaggio iniziato a Melbourne nel 2000 che ha confuso e sovrapposto i confini tra vita e teatro, […]

Roberta va sulla Luna

31 Aug 2017 / in

Quest’ultimo lavoro Roberta va sulla Luna, ha iniziato ad annunciarsi dopo aver trovato nel magazzino di casa delle vecchie riviste. Un’edizione speciale di OGGI che celebrava con foto a colori, rare per quell’epoca, l’allunaggio dell’Apollo 11, nel Mare della Tranquillità. Luna, Mare, Tranquillità suonava promettente. Siamo lì seduti con questo titolo in testa Roberta va […]


19 Jan 2015 / in

MM&M Movies, Monstrosities, and Masks Dodicesima parte di Interior Sites Project Di Renato Cuocolo e Roberta Bosetti Con Roberta Bosetti e Renato Cuocolo Regia Renato Cuocolo “I racconti degli altri, i film, la televisione, i libri, le immagini, insieme ai nostri genitori ci hanno tirati su, ci hanno intrattenuto, confortato, imbrogliato, disciplinato e ci hanno […]

The Walk

28 Nov 2013 / in

At the center of the project that holds together the mystery trip, memory and narrative. The Walk in the audience, composed of twenty spectators are invited to walk together in the city. Get in the way has always meant a revolution, toward themselves and their world. Walking is a mode of thought. It ‘a practical thought. It ‘a triple […]

The Diary Project

28 Nov 2013 / in

The Diary Project has been presented in various cities around the world with a preview in Genoa (European Capital of Culture) and with the official debut at the Arts Centre in Melbourne (the largest and most important theater / art gallery Australian) as Special Event the Melbourne International Arts Festival, where it was seen by 35392 spectators […]

Theatre on a line

28 Nov 2013 / in

A labyrinth made ​​of all the paths Has taken one A maze made of all the paths that we crossed   A place dedicated the theater or art gallery. A spectator at a time, every ten minutes. A voice. A meeting between strangers.A theatrical encounter upside down, taken apart, in search of his innermost nature and amazing. The […]

Private Eye

27 Nov 2013 / in

And a ‘more authentic than most and’ near what he wanted to be. August 2004, Perth, Renato C. asks a private investigator to follow and film his wife Roberta B. From that material, illicit and intimate born, a year later, Private Eye, presented in the rooms of a hotel to a viewer at a time. […]

The Secret Room

27 Nov 2013 / in

A woman alone, shut up in his house. E ‘possible to visit her at fixed times. The visits follow the rhythm of the meals and the rules of hospitality ‘. The pace of life and the theater overlap. In every house there is’ a secret room.And ‘the most intimate and isolated: the place where all he had to remain […]

The Sandman

27 Nov 2013 / in

The show takes place in the homes of viewers who have booked the show. The landlord will decide how many people will see the show that night. Why is this invitation? Why did you invite this guest stranger into your home? With such expectations hidden? The actor becomes the water that binds together these elements with its ability to […]

Love me Tender

27 Nov 2013 / in

R. had a dream. A dream and ‘stuck for a long time. In the dream, a house, a group of people, written on a body. “It was a dream that I ‘happened to dream often. Maybe every time a little ‘different, but it returns. Dreams have a long life, as opposed to what you believe. Still dream of things […]