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Theatre on a line

28 Nov 2013 / in

A labyrinth made ​​of all the paths Has taken one

A maze made of all the paths that we crossed


A place dedicated the theater or art gallery. A spectator at a time, every ten minutes. A voice. A meeting between strangers.A theatrical encounter upside down, taken apart, in search of his innermost nature and amazing.

The presence of the viewer and the absence of the actor is literally staged. An empty space but full of meaning, to give movement to that which is stationary.


Theatre on a Line is on intimacy, on ‘intimacy with strangers, is on the maps, maps of desire, the maps of possible encounters, maps imaginary for imaginary encounters. It is the stories we tell and those who tell us more. It’s about being connected, about being in line, the line moves, telephone lines, telephone lines dedicated to theater. It is the theater online, the theater suspended on a line, the thin line that separates reality and fiction.


Pronto. Hello. Are you there. … I can not imagine that you face. You like my pictures? What do you see that? Can you describe it?

Are you alone?

It ‘a particular way of knowing a show. Do not you think?

You are not part of an audience.

You wanted to get away from the others.

You are one of those that need to get away from the public if you have to live the drama. Do you want to secure, independent from the viewer.

Talk to me. Talk to me, I’ll take you to safety. You are the one place where you do not come into contact with the public.Now it’s everywhere. Here you will be preserved. Talk to me.

Got a story? What is your story you want raccontarmela?


Every phone call, it will be necessarily different from the others because interactive, but all will be supported by a multiple text that questions the nature of the theatrical experience and the possible relationship that the actor can create with your viewer.

Theatre on a Line immerses us in a complex and contradictory fabric of fantasy and reality, and in doing so destroys comforting certainties. Starting from addressing the ambiguous relationship between theater / life, actor / spectator, public / private Theatre on a Line tells a world of extreme emotions, a world recognizable and yet absolutely uncanny. Search anxieties and failures of memory, desire, anger, and of the individual will, not as an end in itself, but as a way to explore the ambiguous complexity of contemporary life.


Then you will call me?


Location: Telephone Line, with location for spectator in the theater or art gallery. Attendance: one at a time. you can replicate up to 20 times a day. Duration: 10 minutes per viewer.