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The Secret Room

27 Nov 2013 / in

A woman alone, shut up in his house. E ‘possible to visit her at fixed times. The visits follow the rhythm of the meals and the rules of hospitality ‘. The pace of life and the theater overlap. In every house there is’ a secret room.And ‘the most intimate and isolated: the place where all he had to remain secret’ revealed. The Secret Room and ‘lodged in the house of the protagonist, exposing the domestic space and personnel to the gaze of the viewer stranger-guest, in search of an impossible, illegal geography of intimacy’.


In June 2000 he released The Secret Room in Melbourne. Since the day before, the press, television and radio shows describe him as one of the most innovative and important made by an Australian company. The show in 2012 and more than 1,600 performances and ‘presented at numerous international festivals among which: Melbourne International Festival, Sydney Olympic Festival, Vienna Westwochen, San Diego Centre of Contemporary Arts, Contemporary Teatro Metastasio in Prato, Genoa European Capital of Culture 2004 Theatre Cough.

In 2001, The Secret Room wins two major awards in the Australian theater (MO Award and Green Room Award) for Best Entertainment Performance of the Year and Best Innovation. Roberta Bosetti received a nomination from 2001 to 2004 as best actress in the last 4 editions of the Green Room Award (The payment of Australian Tony Americans).


In ‘October 2002’ was presented at the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, the 13-hour version of The Secret Room. Tickets ($ 150), due to the huge demand, were awarded through a national lottery.


The Secret Room has been seen live by 16,000 people on the net and more than 300,000 people, has received more than three hundred reviews and e ‘was dedicated to the first page to newspapers such as The Australian, The Age, USA Web World, In Press .


From the end of May 2006 ‘also available in Italian book The Secret Room: a journal published by Theatre Arlette Books.



The venue of the show and ‘secret and will be announced at the time of booking. Every evening ten spectators.Dinner will be served.


In The Secret Room spectator knocks on the door, opens the protagonist, there is no ‘mediation between the two (ticketing, foyer), there is no’ separation of places (theater, stage), and ‘present only the direct relationship between the two, the possibility of an exchange of an agreement. The house using the entry, living room, the dining room, where dinner will be served, and the secret room. This is’ the most intimate and more isolated because, as we all know, in every house there is’ a secret room in which what should remain hidden and ‘revealed.

The Secret Room faces the insidious and pervasive logic of the relationship Woman / House, Woman / House, Femme / Maison: the house as a place of confinement for women.


The Secret Room searches for traces of an otherness that refuses to be totally domesticated. The disturbing effect of what is not ‘family in the family, of what there is’ not to be tamed into domesticity.

Use the home means to go back to the source of all our memories: the family home of our childhood. With The Secret Room we moved from the realm of the “scene” to that of ‘”obscene.” The obscene is generated in the transition from the show to transparency.






Location: Private house in which, for that period, Cuocolo / Bosetti live.


Attendance: 10 in the evening .Durata: 90 minutes.