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  • ISO: 800
  • Aperture: 10
  • Focal Length: 70
  • Camera: NIKON D70
  • Shutter: 0.25
  • ISO: 800
  • Aperture: 8
  • Focal Length: 55
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  • ISO: 800
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The Diary Project

28 Nov 2013 / in

The Diary Project has been presented in various cities around the world with a preview in Genoa (European Capital of Culture) and with the official debut at the Arts Centre in Melbourne (the largest and most important theater / art gallery Australian) as Special Event the Melbourne International Arts Festival, where it was seen by 35392 spectators prompting a huge outcry in the press and on national television. For 16 days, without ever leaving, Cuocolo Bosetti and have lived in the exhibition space. Reconstructing without pause through reading their diary the events of the previous six months.

The Diary Project provides that the pair Cuocolo / Bosetti go on living after moving all the objects of his house, in an art gallery.
The diary of the pair is the starting point of the show.
The Project Diary is the story of an obsession of the mind and the unconscious, which is derived from obstinacy to face life through the reconstruction of the past.
The diary is intended as a starting point to trigger the mechanism of personal and collective memory.
Therefore it is not only the life entering the theater but also the theater that enters into the life and in-shape.
In Diary Project personnel domestic space and is offered to the gaze of the viewer alien who is allowed access to the intimacy normally precluded. Living space and theater space overlap.

Location: Art Gallery. Spectators: no limitation, Duration: twenty-four hours at sixteen days without interruption.


It ‘hard to pick a favorite but I think Roberta and Renato have given me more pleasure than any other artist in theater in Melbourne. These two do an important job and realize it with calm and beauty. Implementing it in Melbourne and led him into the world. They make the viewers of any place that we have waited long realized that the theater: shake us, bring us into their lives to the point where it is difficult to say whether it is fact or fiction, I’ve always theater, performances are always made ​​with the Their incredible abilities. They are the best examples that we might have. Melbourne must be very proud that these two artists develop their work here.

Robyn Archer

Director of the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts 2002/04;

Manchester Director of European Capital of Culture 2009;

Director Canberra Australia Capital 20011/2013.


A milestone in performance art

Simon Blond The West Austraslia