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Rooms for error

28 Nov 2013 / in
Review of December
casacuocolobosetti Vercelli from 7al 15
Bookings 0161 600990

Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday, December 15, at 21

Rooms for error

Want to sleep by the story of Anton Chekhov

Begins with one of the busiest and most famous stories of Anton Chekhov, the one where a woman wants so badly to fall asleep to arrive at a homicidal act. Here it is presented in the form of a study acting in three rooms and

in three different modes: the reality of reading, interpretation of the actor who becomes the character, the symbolic power

of images. The sense of discovery every action is to create spaces for the error, rooms for error, in fact.

Reservations required tel. 0161600990