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Rooms for Error

27 Nov 2013 / in

Three studies from the story Want to sleep by Anton Chekhov


Want to Sleep is one of the most intense is famous stories of Anton Chekhov.

Cuocolo / Bosetti present it in three different rooms in three different ways: reading / interpretation / descent.


Rooms for Error begins the exploration of the story, a privileged form of these years. The story it binds well with the work carried so far forward. From the architectural point of view of storytelling, the short-story is what are the rooms in a house.


The subtitle of Three Studies clarifies and complicates the presentation. The text of Chekhov will be crossed, in fact, in three places, and in three different ways of doing Rooms for Error effective exploration of nature and the many languages ​​that inhabit the theater: the reality of reading, interpretation of the actor who becomes the character The symbolic power of images.


The strength of the project is the ability to create space for the error, rooms for error in fact. Where the error depends on the possibility of discovery and engagement.

Are shown together with the result and the way to get there: the reality of being in the theater. The performance reveals and descends into the relationship reality / fiction actor / character. It does not give an answer but all the many possibly valid but wrong at the same time.


The presentation in a private and intimate space allows you to create a situation of involvement: we are immersed and distant at the same time, this means that there is no longer the traditional distinction between the observer and the observed, are all in the same space. There are many ways to imagine the place of the theater. One is built with bricks and cement, with a red curtain and a series of numbered seats; another is, as in Rooms for Error, an imaginary place where the viewer is placed in the middle of the action, immersed in this.


Rooms for Errors started as a game and in the game gave us the possibility of discovery. Those lucky coincidences and fortuitous that sometimes captain from mistakes.


Location: 3 rooms of an apartment. Attendance: 20

Duration: one hour