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Roberta Back to Home

27 Nov 2013 / in

A special project, a unique opportunity to see how life shows them conceived.

In 2011 Cuocolo / Bosetti back in Italy, in the childhood home of Roberta, a three-story building at Vercelli. Here casacuocolobosetti open and produce the Festival of Contemporary Creation hills of Turin, Milan and Olinda new job Roberta Back At Home.

The house is kept the same and changed profoundly, a birch five-meter is installed so that it crosses the vertical in the house.

For nearly three months the viewers of many Italian and foreign cities will come to knock on this door.


When finally, after years of wandering between continents, I decided to return to the house of my childhood, my childhood was gone.

The people were gone. Had deserted her life, my mother’s last, his mind is gone for a walk (they call it alzheimer) and, although the chase, I can not reach it.

Each return trip to the same extent, the same and different from all the other countless return trips.

And you are never returned?

If I think about it I do not know why I came back, there are certain situations, the practical aspects, but one comes back, if he comes back, more by intuition, a kind of omen. In reality we do not know what moves us.

We believe that we made a condition, for example, in my case, my mother’s health, but it is as if the return attingesse to a deeper part of us that remains mostly unheard.

The events precede us.

Trying to fill the rooms with the theater, it does not mean only voice but give him fill all doubt and confusion. We have experienced so many things together, we remember, even moments without much dignity, facts that would divide us if we had not been united, and together we have forgotten – but they have not forgotten!

They have become light and dark colors. Colours of a mosaic stolen. And now it happens: the tiles reverting and the mosaic comes together.

A sense of vertigo, the same that we would like to share with our guests / viewers.


Location: 4 rooms of a house. Attendance: 15

Duration: one hour and twenty minutes



And ‘the unconscious that breaks into reality every day. A childhood home has uncontrollable aspects and secrets, traumas that has to be filled with drama, to be reconstructed and brought back to life through theater.

We start in the kitchen where Roberta was a child playing under the table and was watching and saw the other people who are now ghosts and you have the story of the woman who was a little girl. Then you go into the bedroom of his mother.Then, the room of Roberta. Then the room where it grows birch. Then the ground floor. where we will land, and you will eat milk and rice, and you will see the blood.

So it goes with the show in my life. Sooner or later it happens the blood. Cuocolo Bosetti do exist and the reality and the possible together, what happened, what might happen, what might happen. The words become action. They have their place in space and time, the shadows and the lights. The story is only the dim light that passes through them and holds them together.

An hour and a half show unrepeatable pure happiness.

Gian Luca Favetto D La Repubblica February 11, 2012