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28 Nov 2013 / in
In nearly 20 years of theater criticism have never been so impressed by how this show.
Helen Thomson ABC Radio National




An extraordinary spectacle. Experience so strong, both for the actor and the audience, that you’ll end up ‘talking about it for years.

Mary Lou Jobart ABC Radio National



Sitting at the table, the woman is cutting an onion finely, slice after slice. The sound of the knife hits the cutting board seems to echo in the small room. Occasionally she scatters the pieces of onion on a big heart for animals placed on a plate. He’s crying. Of course, the onions have this effect. And when a tear runs on the cheek, picks it up with a silver spoon and drink. It ‘image that leaves you breathless and shakes you, made even more intense by its physical proximity. The performance of Bosetti and ‘brilliant, full of subtlety and nuance, a tour de force and that’ literally in the mouth to the public. Theatrical experience extraordinarily intimate and original. S

tephen Dunne The Sydney Morning Herald



This is’ a theater strong, provocative and shocking. The vulnerability of Bosetti and ‘palpable and his absolute control. The house gets to look like the corridors of his mind and the dark loneliness of the memories he shares. There is no ‘way to resist its performance and that’ always authoritative, fully credible, honest and wonderfully measured. Bosetti and ‘a great actress and proof that the theater does not need a hall with 500 seats. And ‘the place of imagination and emotion.

Catherine Lambert Sunday Herald Sun




Reality and fiction, life and art, woven tightly so as to create another dimension, ambiguous and disturbing yes, but capable of illuminating the depth of our unheeded or forgotten me. In the last show a birch occupies the ground floor of the dwelling and a hole in the ceiling allows it to cross it vertically: a sign of growth and construction that accompanies the transformation and even the destruction of parts of the house.

Laura Bevione Hystrio  




Show extremely innovative. The Australian theater company known internationally, has always aroused strong emotions anywhere has been submitted.

Sion Prior Newsweek USA




A unique show. I wonder why it does not exist in Sweden a company like this?

Kristjan Saag GT Expressen Sweden




An hour and a half show unrepeatable pure happiness. That said with the greatest balance and reason, given their previous works, we should not lose it. You live a unique experience and rapturous. Experience theater and life together. The words become action. They have their place in space and time, the shadows and the lights. The story is only the dim light that passes through them and holds them together.

Gian Luca D Favetto Republic  



The best of today. The best of the week. The choice of the critic. The best of the best.

Arts Section The Sydney Morning Herald



A home theater and the uncanny that lies within the unconscious of any ordinary life and earthly. The experience is unique and fraught with emotion. Become part of a return trip, where you can also find you.

Roberto Rinaldi Rumor (s) dinner



It ‘a breathtaking experience for the viewer to see it go through the folds of the emotion and see it come out the other side transformed. Its sensual confidence, strength of character and sincerity are deeply moving. The Secret Room and ‘something unusual, provocative, incredibly addictive, and a great example of how the theater can get straight to the heart and give it a shake.

Tim Richards Stage Left



Cuocolo has the visionary power of the nightmares of the best David Lynch.

Claus Philipp Der Standar Vienna



Do not waste your time reading this article. Make reservations. Right away. A profoundly memorable spectacle that gives us’ a rare opportunity to renew our passion for the theater. And ‘something shocking to watch as an actress of great charisma Bosetti so closely.

Stephen Dunne Sydney Morning Herald



This project reminds me of Ingmar Bergman and his relationship with Liv Ullman, meeting the same powers of observation, the same feeling, the same voltage to recreate a world of desires suspended. And ‘as if the theater became simultaneously cinematic and incredibly personal.

Rachel Fensham University Los Angeles, Real Time



An interesting and engaging performance that rests on a solid drama, a director who knows how to hit in the heart with simple gestures but full of meaning and an actress who can unravel the mystery dense that it weighs in the secret room of every human being.

Magda Poli Corriere della Sera



The sweet face of Roberta occasionally hardens, anger, unspoken thoughts, a little ‘as the Stepdaughter of Six Characters about to explode against the father. Moving almost in a trance reassembles the secret plots of his life. … up to a betrayal of innocence found, now, through the theater.

Nico Garrone The Republic  



Here and ‘over. The catharsis and ‘accomplished. The autodafé has not led to the flames, but the tears, the somatic deformation, the recovery of a pain that still hurt obviously knows. The Bosetti and ‘upset. We, upset. We leave the house and soothed only when we dare to think about what was good and perfect, gently murderer.

Osvaldo Guerrieri La Stampa



Roberta and Renato have built a “chamber theater” that has no equal, digging depths and disorienting, who welcomes the viewer to then reject it in a solitude full of questions, and, ultimately, for answers.

Alessandra Vindrola The Republic



Actress talented Roberta Bosetti transforms the facts narrated in pure excitement, now covering up with modesty, now making it a searing body. A surprising result, full of expressive energy and a confirmation that the theater, even in its most unusual shapes like this, spare his life and illuminates the paths.

Mirella Caveggia   The Unit ‘



The impression of running on the edge of an enigmatic uncertainty: these feelings are certainly an effective result, are the disturbing effect of a subtle process of displacement.

Renato Palazzi Il Sole 24 Ore



A game of massacre autobiographical. And the theater is happening inside you, like a mood, anxiety that goes with the thoughts reflected on that double play of autobiography and drama of the experience.

Carlo Infante Paper


An ‘unforgettable image. In absolute silence. And ‘here that you know to be on the edge of no return. And ‘here that begins the tour of the house, the story, the descent into the past. And ‘here that the sea begins. And the abyss. But gently. Terribly sweet. Long words are like the rope of the well that pulls you up and down. A hell from which we can get out but you will not forget. Roberta Bosetti and ‘everything.

Gian Luca Favetto Diary