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Love me Tender

27 Nov 2013 / in

R. had a dream. A dream and ‘stuck for a long time. In the dream, a house, a group of people, written on a body.

“It was a dream that I ‘happened to dream often. Maybe every time a little ‘different, but it returns.

Dreams have a long life, as opposed to what you believe. Still dream of things that I dreamed of as a child. To be unreal dreams have a persistence really curious.

They are the only things I know, perhaps along with fairy tales, so full of meaning but without explanation. ”


Love me Tender starts with a phone call that makes the viewer from a public place at the appointed hour. This phone call and ‘access key to an alien way, parallel that will take him from public places of the city familiar to him a palace, a house, a room. The house is completely without light; for through it we need a night vision device. A stranger is invited into an intimate situation. Or rather, since the viewer and ‘foreign actor in the same manner in which the actor’, in turn, alien to the viewer, two strangers meet.

Foreignness and intimacy. Love me Tender tackles the apparent antinomy of opposites, foreign / private, public / private, reality / fiction, actor / person which eventually merge in the experience special and privileged position of the viewer.